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Sat, Nov. 10th, 2007, 05:03 pm

ah, what a day.... right now im snuggled down under a duvet, listenin to the radio and eating a chocolate orange... it doesnt get much better :) exept that ive eaten too much chocolate and i feel a bit sick.

just started my xmas shopping, got a couple things for denzil on amazon. cant go crazy this year as im completely skint, i dont mind spending on him though as he spoils me rotten when he can :)

CHRIST im fed up of being completely brassick!!! need to find a 3rd job...

oh yeah... im having a little boy :)

Sun, Sep. 30th, 2007, 05:51 pm

cor blimey... its been a while! lots has changed since i last wrote on here. for a start, im pregnant :) 16 weeks to be exact! cant wait to find out what were having

its been really weird, i mean, im happy to be having a baby but its hard getting used to the fact that my life as i knew it is going to change beyond recognition. what people dont tell you is that your life changes the minute you wee on that stick. anyway, im not going to get all philosopical.

really really want to diet!! ive put on so much weight over the last few months its so disgusting. i know it cant be helped but its making me feel all weird about my eating again. just cant wait till little baby is born, and i can get restricting again!

Mon, Dec. 18th, 2006, 03:50 pm

Bored....... so bored.

just did my BMI calculation thingy. Apparently im Obese. Although all of you who know me know that i am SO not.

at least i might be entitled to some weight loss drugs hehe.

Sun, Nov. 26th, 2006, 05:58 pm

well.. its been a while.

My engagement ring came ages ago its perfect :) it nearly fell down the toliet mid-flush the other day my heart was in my mouth! going to start saving for the wedding after christmas, with any luck we'll be able to afford it in a couple years, i refuse to get a loan!!

Ive been getting well broody recently. its weird, because i know deep down im not ready for a baby. i know i could cope but i know for a fact that denzil would find it very difficult and it might split us up at this stage, we've got things that need sorting and sleepless nights wont help. neither of us can cope with a lack of sleep. anyway, just thinking about it really. definitely something for the future.

ive put on sooooo much weight as well i feel disgusting. i want to be strict like i used to be, eating no more than 500 calories and excercising regularly, the weight fell off me. and jumped right back on again since denzil moved in and i started work. just want to be like i used to be, losing weight all the time. Ive gone from being a borderline anorexic to being a full on binge eater, its disgusting. i want to be like i used to be it felt so good! Im gonna try my damned hardest!

anyway im gonna go, im trying to find some diet tips on the internet want to inspire myself.

Love and kisses xxxxx

Fri, Jul. 14th, 2006, 06:50 pm

Well! Denzil is alseep next to me on the sofa and im BORED, so i thought i'd do a quick diary post to pass the time. dont even know if anyone is gonna read it... but hey!

Had work this morning which was alright, managed to smash my big toe with the hoist, its swollen up and my toenail is grey/blue, yummy! cant stand on it very well ive been limping around like a... like a, um, limpy thing... yes....

got my engagement ring yesterday im SOOOO chuffed! we got it off ebay so hopefully itll be here soon! God i love ebay :) Its a really pretty ring, 0.33carat princess-cut diamond on 18ct white gold, nothing too fancy (unlike me i know) but it looks so classy. And if its not classy enough for me, theres a 7 day return policy which u dont get in the jewellers thats for sure. Just cant wait to see it!!! been waitin so long, we've been engaged for ages now. cant believe we've been together for nearly a year and a half, seems like forever but its flown by, really strange.

we're going to a festival in cornwall tomorrow with his family, should be really cool. we went last year and it was lush, it was so hot even denzil burnt! i wrote his name on his back with Factor 60 sun cream, thankfully he still found it amusing 2 months later when it still hadn't shifted :)

mmm really fancy pizza... lucky ive got one in the freezer, woop!

really gotta start posting here more often, feel very out of the loop :)

anyway, i wont bore you any longer, am going to wake up boy wonder and ask him if he wants some pizza :)

muchbosh x

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Wed, Mar. 8th, 2006, 03:53 pm

hey all!

Just thought id post another update, i rarely write on here anymore i really should get back in the habit!

Going out clubbing again on the 18th, and the 25th! got my first paycheck on friday so hopefully will be able to afford both nights. i shouldnt blow it all but fuck it, after march im gonna be saving all my pennies for denzils engagement ring, stuff for the house etc, so gonna have a blinder this month to get it out of my system yay! I bought some new fluffies off ebay too theyre over the knee ones proper phat!

i really like being engaged to dan, just want my ring! Ive found a nice one in argos (i know, i know, please dont judge me lol) so just gotta wait for denzil's argos card to come through so i can get it. Id love a bigger, sparklier one but i dont want us to skint ourselves on it, theres no point, we got a wedding to save up for :) hehe. its a lovely ring though, 18carat white gold band with a 0.30 carat princess cut diamond, set in a claw setting so itll be really sparkly! i cant wait to get it! Gonna order his tonight as well, he wants a titanium one its really nice, its got diamonds in it too but its very blokey, hes got very good taste!

i dont wanna go work tomorrow, got a lovely long 12 hour shift oh joy! its payday on friday though so we'll probably get our paychecks tomorrow, i cant wait to see how much i earned! i dont think its gonna be that much though, when i started i didnt have many hours for the first week, plus i had a couple sick days so ill be down about 60 quid :( wish i hadnt called in now! could really do with the cash this week.

i think im gonna go make some toast before denzil gets home from work. see you all later!!


Tue, Feb. 28th, 2006, 02:44 pm

hey all!

Well its been a while since i did a proper update!

Denzil is finally moving in with me :) when my housemate moves out, hes coming in its going to be so brilliant i cant wait! since we got engaged its like we cant get enough of each other. we used to both need space away from each other, like, if we spent friday-monday together then by that time we'd be pleased to have some time apart but we miss each other so much when were apart now, even if its just for a day.

I feel so lucky that ive found him. it just keeps gettin better :)

Really enjoying clubbing at the minute. its a pain with work as ive been having to book time off work for it, but its worth it. going again on the 25th to see mark EG and DJ brisk its gonna be cracking! saw the tidy boys and M-zone last saturday it was bloody crackin, got to go on the podiums and everything it was bloody brilliant!

cant wait till payday gonna get a wicked new outfit for next time, really need some new kit! Ive got my eye on a lovely new outfit i might see if its still on ebay.

Anyway im gonna shoot because im running up a massive phone bill on this bloody internet!

Cheers you xx

Thu, Feb. 23rd, 2006, 03:02 pm

Im engaged :):):):)

Sun, Jan. 8th, 2006, 04:05 pm

Hey everyone!

I have a gorgeous crystal ball with a stand on sale on ebay, Have a look!

Go on, make my day :)

Love and kisses,
Immi xxxx

Mon, Jan. 2nd, 2006, 02:10 am

Happy new year everyone!

blimey havent written in here for ages. Hope everyones ok!

anyway, cant really be bothered to write much now so will update another time.

Love and kisses

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